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Soplica Blackcurrant Liqueur Czarna Porzeczka 28% - 500ml

Soplica Blackcurrant Liqueur Czarna Porzeczka 28% - 500ml

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Discover Soplica Czarna Porzeczka – A symphony of dark berries

Soplica Czarna Porzeczka , famous for its intense and fruity aroma of dark currants, is a must-try for any lover of fine liqueurs. This exquisite liqueur combines the depth and complexity of carefully selected black currants from Poland to create a rich and unforgettable taste experience.

Fascinating aromas that enchant

When you open a bottle of Soplica Blackcurrant Liqueur, you will immediately be enveloped by the strong, sweet and tart scent of blackcurrants. Every sip takes you to the summer gardens of Poland, where these berries ripen in the sun and reach their full aroma.

A fusion of tradition and quality

Soplica, with over a century of tradition in spirits production, combines tried and tested recipes with the most modern techniques. Soplica Czarna Porzeczka is made from the finest blackcurrants and refined through a careful maceration process to preserve the depth and purity of the berry aromas.

From pure to mixed – a versatile pleasure

Soplica Blackcurrant Liqueur not only tastes great on its own, but also makes an excellent base for creative cocktails or as a delicious addition to desserts. Try it in a tangy summer cocktail or add a dash to your next sorbet for a fruity touch.

A noble gift for special moments

Whether as a valued gift or as an addition to your own liqueur collection, Soplica Czarna Porzeczka impresses with its outstanding quality and elegant appearance. The deep purple color and the attractive bottle design make each bottle a real eye-catcher.

Let yourself be enchanted by the deep, rich world of blackcurrants with Soplica Blackcurrant Liqueur . Order now and immerse yourself in an incomparable taste experience.


Alkoholgehalt: 28% vol.
Rohstoff: Grain
Servierempfehlung: Serve chilled or at room temperature. Also ideal as a mixed drink.
Hersteller: CEDC International Sp. z oo, ul. Kowanowska 48, 64-600 Oborniki, Poland
Herkunftsland: Poland
Verkehrsbezeichnung: liqueur
enthält Farbstoff: Yes

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About Soplica

Soplica , one of Poland's oldest and most prestigious brands, has symbolised quality and tradition in spirits production since its establishment in 1891. Originally founded by the Gessler family in Gniezno, the name <strong>Soplica</strong> reflects Poland's cultural pride and heritage and is borrowed from a hero from the epic poem "Pan Tadeusz" by Adam Mickiewicz.

Initially, Soplica focused on producing vodka, with an emphasis on using local raw materials. Distillation was based on traditional methods, with the quality and purity of the final product always being paramount. Over the years, Soplica survived turbulent times, including both world wars, and in the 1970s became part of the state spirits monopolies, which led to an expansion and modernization of production.

Today, Soplica is internationally recognized for its variety of vodkas and flavored liqueurs, characterized by the use of natural ingredients and authentic flavor profiles. The brand remains a symbol of Polish heritage and innovative spirit in the global spirits industry.